STEVE  (Pictures, e-mail and VIDEOS inside)

Steve is a KINKY guy that has a 32" waist, 36" chest and 8" cock. He's versatile
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BRAD  (Pictures and e-mail inside)

Brad is a really cute Southern boy who LOVES to show off. He has several sets
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Tomas is one of the most genuinely SEXY men that I have seen in a while! The
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SMOKE  (Pictures and e-mail inside)

Smoke is a bi married guy who is "thick in all the right places!" He is a very
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WALTER  (Pictures, e-mail and LIVE CAM SHOWS inside)

Walter is a VERY CUTE and VERY NICE young guy from Colombia. He loves to
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LORDJOE69  (Pictures and e-mail inside)

Well basically "LordJoe69" is a horny, straight acting, teenage guy...and a bit of
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JOSEPH  (Pictures, e-mail and VIDEOS inside)

Joseph is a fairly quiet guy who is into cafes, restaurants and decent pubs rather
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ANDREW  (Pictures and e-mail inside)

Andrew is a kinky English Guy who lives in Australia. He's turned on big time by
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Diode wants to let you know that he REALLY enjoys showing off and being told
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"Catman" is a self-described "horny pig looking to see who is out there. He is up
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Jackson is a really nice, laid back guy...and HOT AS HELL too! He is always horny,
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